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The White Glove service company

Since our founding, OTC Europe UAB has been known for quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. We are known for "White Glove" service approach, where our first hand expertise in Banking, FinTech, Investments and Venture Capital allows us to fully understand Your needs and offer a tailored 360 degrees solution. We bridge the gap between Crypto and Fiat worlds with deep understanding and extensive connections on  both sides, that allows us to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

We are working only with trusted and licensed partners for our bespoke OTC (Over The Counter) exchange operations, ensuring the best rate, security and  reliability of the service. 

We have extensive trusted network of the top notch professionals, be it legal or technical or highest grade specialist in niche field.  We are well equipped to oversee, advise and "hold the hand" during the complex business initiation and growth phases, all the way to the successful exit. 

We are Bespoke venue, with a White Glove service to handle all what mainstream providers find too demanding. 
Our team is up for a conversation, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. Please get in touch to learn more about our team, our company or for details about the services we provide

Business Team
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